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Customized for every employee’s needs and skills, no matter how niche, and accessible at any time.

Easy to use

Enabling anyone to create industry-, company- and project specific language courses effortlessly in seconds.


Easy-to-use and tailored made language learning made possible at a fraction of the price.

Here’s how Capeesh tailors your experience

Choose the language you want to learn

Choose the language you want to learn and we customize exercises towards the language that you already speak.

Decide what you want to learn

Add your own subjects by uploading text files or websites.

Start learning your customized learning course

Lessons are tailored towards your choice of topics and adapt to your performance.

What people are saying

It is so good to learn something that is actually relevant!

Ifrah, Language Learner

I really need this app, because it helps me understand each student’s unique pronunciation difficulties.

Christian hansen, Teacher at Ski adult training

This is a really fun way to learn a language, and the characters are really cute!

Weyni, Language Student at Trondheim Voksenopplæring